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The all-weather Toyo Open Country M / T passenger tire is designed for full-size SUVs and pickups. Its main feature is a very broad scope. This tire is also suitable for handling, both on paved roads and on rough terrain, throughout the year. This fully corresponds to the meaning of those words that are contained in the abbreviation M / T (Middle Terrain).

Open shoulder design

One of the characteristics of this model is the shoulder areas. They feature an open design containing many very tall blocks. In the process of driving on the road, these tread elements become claws, providing greater cross-country capability. At the same time, its multi-ray profile contributes to the repulsion of dirt, stones and snow.

Reinforced frame

As Toyo Open Country M / T was originally intended for operation, including unpaved roads, several measures were taken to create it to increase its reliability. In particular, Japanese shinniks significantly strengthened the frame by adding three additional layers of polyester. Due to the physical properties of this material, it was possible to significantly increase the tire's resistance to punctures and cuts. In addition, additional layers of polyester located in the central part of the floor increased its stiffness, which had the most favorable effect on handling when driving on ordinary roads, as well as on the payload, which increased sharply.

Aggressive tread pattern

One of the distinguishing features of this model's tread pattern is its aggressive design. Open country Toyo M / T contains four longitudinal ribs formed from many massive blocks. The floor elements located in the central part of the floor are made in the shape of a hook, filled with many edges and corners. In combination with the great distance and depth of the tread, this structure in the center of the tread pattern offers excellent off-road grip to the tire. At the same time, the direction of the location of the blocks allowed to improve performance on roads with an asphalt surface.

Sipes for the entire depth of the floor

On the surface of each of the blocks in the floor pattern, there is at least one lamella cut across its depth. These structural elements are designed to provide additional grip when driving on wet roads. In the movement process, they form many edges, which not only cling to the asphalt, but also direct the water located on its surface to the drainage channels.

Main characteristics of the Toyo Open Country M / T tire

- the open design of the shoulder area, containing many tall blocks with an original profile, provides a more confident movement on rocky and earthy soils, as well as on snow;

- three additional layers of polyester in the structure of the structure made the piece more durable, and the central part of the floor became rigid, which improved the handling on the asphalt, in addition to increasing the load capacity;

- the aggressive symmetrical pattern of the non-directional floor with many hook-shaped blocks in the central part provides a confident behavior, both on common paved roads and on impassable roads;

- Good adhesion on wet asphalt, thanks to a branched system of drainage channels and many sipes located along the floor. View here for more info: cooper stt pro review

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The third generation of the popular model. The Krawl-TEK4 rubber compound recipe contains ingredients similar to those used for Baja racing tires. The floor pattern is similar to the KM2, but the shape of the pieces is changed. Its pattern is calculated so that, regardless of the angle of attack, the hook area is maximum. The main changes are in the side wall and the shoulder area.

The tread goes a long way towards the side wall, reinforcing it and making driving on weakly more stable soils, especially under reduced pressure. In addition, this part of the wheel has become 27% stronger than in the previous version. Wide range of sizes (24 sizes). Recommended retail price starts at 13 500 rubles. Whereas the KM2 245/75 R16 sizes today cost around 14,000 rubles and weigh 22 kg,

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